The Fruits of our Labors

One of our big goals for the rest of our lives is to be more sustainable.  We want to know where our food comes from and how it is grown.

We decided that it would be super easy to know and remember where it was grown .... if it was grown in our backyard!

Go figure.

Although the banana I am currently munching on, will not show up in our backyard .... there are lots of fruits that will.  (And if that banana does show up ... it may prove to those Washington nay-sayers that climate change is not a hoax.  Of course, the east and west coast will be gone by then!)

Last year we added a sour cherry tree, black currents, red currents, an additional 60' of raspberries, and 10 hazelnut bushes.

This year, we planted a Summer Crisp pear tree to add more of a fresh eating pear.  The other two trees will be used for canning pears and making jam.  Last year, I canned some pears with lime juice and honey. We have just loved them for dessert!

With the 3 pear trees and 6 apple trees, we should have more than enough fruit for jams, pie filling, canned fruit AND cider!

The 60' of raspberries is in addition to an established bed that is roughly 40 feet long.

I love raspberries .... whether it is jam or ice cream topping or pie filling or raspberry cordial ... raspberries are my favorite.

Except maybe for blueberries.

I 💗 blueberries.

But blueberries on a whole like a more acidic soil than we have here in the Midwest.  And there are varieties that are more suited to our climate.  But when I found out about something more appropriate to our soil conditions .... I chose honey berries.

Now .... this gardener had never heard of honey berries.

I have never eaten honey berries.

But why should I let that get in my way??

So we bought honey berries!

photo from Territorial Seed.

Blueberries are round, firm fruits.  Honey berries are elongated fruits that are flat on the end.
They are suppose to be sweeter than a blueberry.  But truth be known .... We haven't a clue.

I doubt if we see any this year.  But when they show up .... you are welcome to taste one.

I dare ya!!!


Barb said…
I am looking forward to your assessment of the Honey Berry fruit. We have to go and get more fruit trees this week or next. More apples and pears for sure since they do better here.
Miss effie said…
We got the Summer Crisp pear at the nursery in Mineral Point on our way home from Milwaukee.They had a nice selection.
C Steflik said…
Your cover photo is beautiful!
Holly Carlson said…
I need to make a trip to visit you little sluce of heaven!! Keep uo the good work!
melanie said…
How Cool! Never seen such a fruit...looking forward to your opinion of the final product....

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