Taking one for the Lord.................

As a small business (very small!) sometimes, you just have to do what is right for your community.

Some of my friends are involved in Kiva. Some are very involved in animal rescue sites.  I decided to get involved in local foods.

One of my first efforts was to help collect money and canned goods for the Freight House Farmers Market.  We collected over $850 which was converted to Freight House Farmers Market gift certificates and those gift certificates were given to local food pantries.

I loved the idea so to celebrate my Double-Nickel birthday, we had our very first ice cream social.  The final total was $320 to the Central City Community food bank.

Well .... if you have one ice cream social ... ya got to have two!!!  So this year, we decided to be even more local and all the proceeds went to the North Scott Food pantry.  Final total this year........... $570.

Because of those actions .... we were given another $500 that we split among several charities that are near and dear to my heart.  So another $150 went to the North Scott Food pantry.

I then came up with the idea of renting straw hats.  And yes, it does give me a reason to buy all those straw hats.  But it is a very good reason.

So ... ya know how I feel about the subject.  I've been pretty open about it.  But there are things I haven't said.

I used to live in fear of being homeless, being without money.  And I still have my moments.  But I try so very hard to realize that I was not put on this earth for me.  I was born to serve..... and I will. This life is not about me or a new car or a McMansion or a big-screen tv..  It is about the Lord and what I can do to serve him.

Whenever we give.......... my heart is full of peace.  It doesn't matter what we are facing.  The bills.  The health issues (and yes, we are both fine!)  The house crumbling around us.  We know that God will be there for us......... in just the right way, in just the right time.

It took me many years to learn that.  Today, I was given a refresher course by some much younger.

Trinity Lutheran School wanted to do an art/science field trip.  When asked how much it would cost the students ..... I said, Nothing.  No charge.  I'm pretty certain God looked at my checkbook and said ...We can make that work, Cathy.  Trust in me.

So I did ................. and for my trust, I was given faith and love.

They raised $103 that will go to the North Scott Food Pantry in the way of Freight House Farmers Market gift certificates.  They helped Miss Effie raise $1143 for food pantries in the last 2 years!!!

I am so proud and so thankful for all of you that have supported us.  And I am proud of two teachers and 20 plus students that live the Word of God.

Thank you.


Penny said…
Giving back is so important.
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You are a gem Cathy, just so ya know. ;-)
Michelle said…
For some reason, probably related to what our family has experienced this week, this totally choked me up. I think it was your reminder to trust in God for - and through - everything. I think I'm doing that, but there is probably some residual fear lingering, those thoughts of "How would I survive without Rick?" But if it ever comes to that, I know He is big enough to see me through. Thanks for your witness!
Beth said…
I am almost amazed at how God provides through others. We are His limbs on earth. What an awesome privilege and responsibility.

PS Can I bring Thomas out for school sometime?
Beth said…
Whoops. No "almost" supposed to be there. I have "Sesame Street" songs blaring in my ear right now.
And, you can add another $100 to your list. Our pumpkin carving event at the Farmer's Market brought in $100 for the food pantry in market gift certificates. It was totally inspired by you. =)

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