Thursday, January 30, 2014

Warm up!

It is sad when I jump for joy over the prospect of a temperature hovering around the freezing point.

Yes .. I am jubilant today over the hopes of a 28 degree high.

So after day after day of cold temps ..... 2 pairs of socks, long underwear, tee shirts under long sleeved shirts under sweatshirts and sweaters ..... I realized something.

I am doing laundry every day!!!!

We do not have enough cold weather gear!! 

And I thought we had a LOT!

So it was nimble (albeit freezing) fingers to the rescue!!!

Pair of socks number one!!!!

Pair of socks number two!!!!

The sewing machine did produce something too ...........

A new pair of flannel pajama pants.

That are in the laundry.  ;(

So if you are keeping count .... and trust me, I am!!!! ........ that is a total of 6 projects to reach my goal of 52.

Forty six to go!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The weather. So over it. So under it.

Welcome to winter in Siberia.

Yea ... I am still in Iowa.  But it seems the Russians have been kindly sending their greetings by way of a polar express.

I swear too much more of this .... and I will be scanning Dr. Zhivago for wardrobe inspiration! 

(And actually, I'm thinking I want to see this again!!  It has been decades!!!  I loved the architecture!  And Omar Sharif!)

To say it has been cold is an understatement.  But the cold has been the half of it with the howling winds .... making this old  house colder and colder.

We have had every faucet in the house freeze at one time or another.

The unheated upstairs (on a very very windy cold day) had a temperature of 18 degrees .... Fahrenheit.

Which is why you have heard little from me since my office is upstairs!

Then ... there is the propane scare.  $5.00 a gallon propane. 

One word of that on the news and I was in full panic mode!  Yikes!!!  A tank of that could do serious damage to the bank account!

Fortunately, I had booked propane last May.  It is a gamble.  Sometimes, during a warm winter, lot of people will get propane much cheaper than my May contracted price.  And there is always the gamble .... did I contract enough propane???

If you contract too much .... you pay for product that you don't use.  The dollars roll over until the next year .... but my money is still "sitting" on their books instead of in my bank account.  If you don't book enough .... you pay the current market price for any additional fuel.  At this moment ... that is $5 a gallon. 

And it looks like I did .... I still have over a 1/3 of my yearly contract yet to be delivered.  So I .... and the checkbook .... can take a sigh of relief. 

In the midst of this "delightful" weather pattern, I came down with the creeping crud.  Runny nose, cough, sore throat, slight fever.....

I am certain this is what the precursor to death feels like.

I begged the snowplow driver to just run me over and get it over with!!  But I wouldn't get off the sofa to get the job done!

It has been almost a week since I have left the house ... and today, I almost feel human!!!

Well -- I will after I drink another cup of tea!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

For my Honey ......................

The answer is YES!!!!!!  YES!!!  A thousand times YES!!!!!

Happy Birthday, my dear Honey!!!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Beer 2's Day

There are somethings in my life that are engraved in stone.

Praise and worship the Lord.  Love my husband.  Enjoy my home and the joys that it gives me. 

And don't mess with Beer 2's Day.

Beer 2's day is a very special time.  Six friends get together. 

We drink local beer.  
We eat cheap burgers.

And we laugh and we cry and we celebrate and we mourn.  We talk about the joys of work and the frustrations of getting older. 

And we won't give that day up for ANYTHING.

I mean, really ..... the Beer Angel knows our orders by heart and most of the time ... has it in her hands as we get seated!  How could we disappoint her?

So yesterday, I went to a play day with a friend.

As I was looking around for a project to make .... she showed me a recent project she had done. 

And I said, "THAT is it!!!!"

Yes ... I know.

It looks like an ordinary tote basket.

But it is magic!!!

Yes. It. Is.

It's a growler basket!!!!!!

It holds two growlers of fresh local beer for easy carrying!

Beer 2's day just got classier!!!!

(And if you are counting ... that is project number 3.  49 more to go!!!)

Monday, January 13, 2014



The new year comes with new beginnings.  A fresh chance to get life right ......... this year.

So I start the year with the inveterate lists.

1) Lose 25 15 5 pounds.  (Revised ..... don't gain any!)

2) Purge 10 5 items daily from our home.  (Revised ..... don't bring any more sh*t in!!!)

3) Blog daily weekly whenever!!!!!

But one goal that I am uber-determined to achieve is this one.

Make 52 items for Honey, myself or our home. 

I have a "nest" where I sit in the evening or during the day ..... I am surrounded by yarn, embroidery floss, felt and fiber.  I move from embroidering to spinning to knitting.  Constantly doing "something". 

But we recently bought a package of tube socks while I have no less than 10 skeins of sock yarn in my stash.  I bought a couple of sweaters when there is enough yarn for two sweaters .... just sitting there.

And maybe its selfish but I like the stuff I have been creating ...and I want some for me!!!!

Ya know I recently bought a new sewing machine and I LOVE it!!!  But it is going to be nothing more than  an over-priced paperweight if I just let it sit.

So the year of 52 items has begun......

The polar vortex came and I decided I needed a new cowl to go with my "Damn!-it-is-cold-out-there" coat.  So a new mobius came out of some Noro that I had stashed.

I really like the colors.

And for the home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A tea towel!

There are more projects in the works that I will show you later ........

Including a pair of socks ...


Does completing projects for "us" count ... knitting stash .... count as purging stuff??? 

Or does it count as bringing more sh*t in???????

Sunday, January 5, 2014

When you lane looks like this ...

Welcome to winter!!!

Today .... the wind is coming from the north ... so we have drifts like the one above.

Yesterday ... we had wind from the south and waist deep snow at the end of the lane.

You can see the mountains that were created by just getting us out of the lane.  The roads may not be bad ... but our lane seems to catch every flake of snow!

We are staying nice and snug in front of the woodstove.  Long underwear, two shirts, two pairs of socks and some really nice hedge wood that we are carefully burning!  Chili on the stove and lots of blankets on the bed and life is good.

But I am doing some psychological warfare with my stitching..............................

Warm thoughts!  Warm thoughts!!!