Sunday, February 27, 2011

Almost to the finish line on this one!

About a month ago, we bought this door at ReStore in Davenport.  The moment I saw it ..... I was in love.
The moment Honey saw it .... he knew he could make it work.

So after stripping off layers of old lead paint, filling cracks, re-gluing the pieces, sanding, priming, painting and staining........ it was ready for its first dry fitting.

Tomorrow .... it will go to the glass store to have some etched tempered glass put into the panels.  We have about 10 days to clean up and prep the hardware before it comes home.

But I am thinking its going to work okay!

What do you think???

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Like all things evil ..... it started innocently enough.

It entered my mind in a dream.  And at 2 am in the morning, I wake up Honey and say .... I'm going to hang tea cups from the crab apple tree.

First .... I would just hang 10 or 12 cups.  But soon .... the evil power of tea grabbed me.  And I found myself scrounging through antique malls, thrift stores and yard sales ... searching for tea cups.

Soon ... like the true addict I am .......... I lusted for tea parties.  I craved the lace ... the china .... the scones.

Not long......along with the heat of summer ........the high of the tea party was gone.  I needed more and more and more.
So it was time for a tea set to keep me from getting the shakes ............

Then it was the total obsession with the tea cozies.

Oh .... you don't really think this is it????

And, of course........... I can not sell every one of them.  This one is mine.  Mine!  Mine!  All mine!

I'm a two-year old with a tea cozy!!!

And now .............. there is this.

It's going to be trouble .....................................

Friday, February 25, 2011

Who I want to be ..............

You know there are times that you just look at yourself and say ........"Hmmmm, I'm not liking what I see in the mirror!"

Well .... owning your own business is kind of like that at times.  We start out with visions and ..... as much as I hate the word .... those visions evolve.  And if you are not careful, those evolving visions can take you to someplace you never wanted to go!!  The face in the mirror that you don't want to be.

Enter the Summer Kitchen.  And enter Miss Eff's.  A couple of the paragraphs on the website say...........

Miss Effie's will remind you of your grandparent's farm.  The rolling hills, clothes on the line and chickens and ducks roaming our gardens will take you to a simpler era.  Relax with a glass of lemonade in our corn-zebo and remember a life from yesterday.  You are always welcome to bring a lunch and enjoy the sounds and sights of rural America. 

Look around and discover the special touches that Miss Effie has left for you.  From the tea cup tree to Miss Effie's vintage prayer flags.... Miss Effie wants you to remember your great aunt's china collection or your grandmother who always carried a lace-edged hankie.  Nap on the bed tucked in the garden.  Sit in the lath house.  Relax.  Put your feet up. Smell the flowers.

Lately, lots of people have been approaching me with product for the Summer Kitchen. I have received four emails alone this week!!  And I am definitely interested in seeing items but .... here are the rules.

Your items have to fit the feel and the product line that I want the Summer Kitchen to have.  I promised Walmart that I wouldn't sell a single item that they carried in their store!!!  So no tennis shoes, tires or sporting goods!  I can sell home-grown tomatoes or fresh eggs cuz WalMart doesn't carry that! Nope ... I can't be all things to all people.

I have always wanted Miss Eff's to be that unique, different place.  That place that sells things that you will never see elsewhere.  Things that a marketing/retail expert would turn down because they are too high end .... not enough profit margin .... too hand-made.  There is no market in tea cozies!

No demand for tea cozies?? What do they know!

I will never mass order items ... I want one or two things. I want them to be made locally .... less than 50 miles from my doorstep.  I want you to have something so special--- no one else will ever have it.  I want things with small details ....  Sherry's bag is a perfect example.

Look at the ribbon closure!

If you lift the green flap .......... you find a pocket.  But not just any pocket.  A pocket that is edged with a beautifully pleated ruffle.  Sherry could get $30 for her bag without the ruffle.  But that eye for detail is what I am looking for when I pick merchandise at the Summer Kitchen.

The feel of this cotton is amazing!
And the fabrics weren't grabbed out of bag but carefully selected to blend together and form a fun, flirty bag that you won't see anywhere else.

The list goes on ..................

Cassie's yarn demands that you touch it!

Farm Genevieve tags her yarn with a photo of some of her ewes .... and every skein tells you what sheep that her yarn came from.  (Don't ask at Walmart what oil well their acrylic yarn came from ..... Security will throw you out.  I'm just sayin'!)

And a flirty ruffle finishes the apron.

Dianna's beautiful aprons are made of designer quilting fabrics .... like Amy Butler.  Yea .... you can find cheaper ones.  But you won't find any more beautiful!

You can't see FullCircle Soap's Sweet Mother Earth ... but its there!

 Darcy's soaps have all natural scents .... filled with herbs, citrus and vanilla.  She carefully packages them with little shells tied to raffia on some scents .....  Colors coordinate.  And the feel that you get .... is FullCircle soap was the soap that Grandma made.  
Soft luxurious pima cotton.

Even our dishcloths and face cloths are knitted in fun lace patterns and tied like little packages with ribbon.

My vision was to have a shop filled with carefully chosen, hand-made items that reflected and evoked life on the farm early in the 20th century.  I will have nothing that Grandma wouldn't know!!!  

So .... I may turn your products down.  Its not that they aren't beautifully made or cute or useful.  They may not fit the vision of the Summer Kitchen.

And I am the one that has to look in the mirror.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not today's post..........

This wasn't the plan for today.

I wasn't going to talk about this.  But I must ..... the fingers don't want to type anything else.

Today I was going through some of my favorite blogs .... and one of my go-to-make-me-happy blogs is Inspired by Charm.

Micheal is that shiny person in life that can distract you from "the mission".  He is funny and creative and I always go ......... ahhhhhh ...... after reading his posts.  He makes me smile.

And Micheal had a couple of great lines in his blog.  The first was ............

You can do anything.  You just can't do everything.  

And one of my all time favorites ..........  

I'm not telling you its going to be easy, I'm telling you its going to be worth it.

Now ... its confession time.

I am overwhelmed.  Yep.  So. very. overwhelmed.

Between now ... and the end of April, I have a total of 15 classes and presentations to do.  I have a directory to get out and organized and to the printer for Buy Fresh-Buy Local . That means constant email reminders and phone calls to members to "Get your paperwork in!"

There are a couple of  interviews to do ... an article to write.  I need to find interns and organize the Miss Effie's Social Club and Civic League!

And starting April 18 .... 8000 annuals will be hitting my doorstep.  That doesn't count 25+ chicks that will be arriving, a Summer Kitchen that needs insulation, walls, paint and inventory.  And anything else that decides to raise its ugly head!!!

Last week .... I was hanging on by a string.

I have had a few annoying health issues.  Welcome to that half-century mark!!  Everything is fine ... but those annoying issues need to be checked out.... over and over and over again! One test today .. another next week .... doctor's appointment to evaluate the situation and a doctor's appointment to evaluate the tests!

Seriously ... I want a Walmart of health care!!!  Get the oil changed, a lube job, a tune-up ....... while I am doing my grocery shopping and picking up the dry cleaning.  (OMG!  I said Walmart and dry cleaning all in the same sentence and I haven't done either in DECADES!!!)

Last week ... I had a tough day.  Lots of emails ... lots of things on the to-do list .... and a medical test that was neither fun nor comfortable.  So by the end of the day ....... I felt like the poop in the coop that needs to be scooped!  

And I did not want to be social.  I didn't want to discuss the weather.  I didn't want to smile.  I just wanted to be alone with my list.

Then I was asked ....... Are you trying to do too much??  Are you biting off more than you can chew?

My first response was ......... Well, duh!!!!! 

My second response was ............ How do I know???

I discovered that I need to push myself to be happy.  Squeak out another loaf of home-made bread.  Can another canner full of tomatoes. Knit all of our socks.  Spin the yarn I knit.  Teach another class.  Attend another benefit.  Hug my Honey again. So ....... how do I know that I am trying to do too much????

I know I can't do it all. 

I know its definitely not easy. 

Things fall through the cracks.  I forget to file something.  I run out of milk or stamps.  Honey is down to his last clean and ironed shirt. And right this very moment ... I would kill for a maid to come to my house!!!!

But I also know .................. it is sooooo worth it!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting cozy............

You know I like all things tea.   Why else would I tie 125 plus tea cups to a tree????

And you know I squeal with delight at the prospect of hosting a tea party. I love the dishes ... the linens .... and of course, the flowers.

And now .... I am lovin' these!

I started out knitting this simple easy pattern found on the label of cotton yarn.  Its OK .. bright .. pretty ... but when the pattern morphed into this......

Hand embroidery ... vintage buttons.  And a first.  No ... that should be FIRST!  I created fiber art with only one needle!!!

Yes ... that is single-crochet at the bottom of that cozy!!! 

Seriously ... I have never ever ever done that before!  Might just happen again.

You can expect a couple of more tea cozies this week in the Summer Kitchen.  Along with some fabulous signs.  Fabulous!!  Really cool, awesome, incredible, you-have-got-to buy-them signs!!!

You can buy them all .... here .... at the Summer Kitchen.

Except for the one with "salted nut rolls".  Some how, it found a home.

Who knew???????

Friday, February 18, 2011

A spin around the Summer Kitchen...................

 I just wanted to give you a spin around the Summer Kitchen and show you some new things...........

Tucked in the antique truck are lots of  treasures.  I've been re-stocking the dishcloths so there are many colors and patterns to choose from.  The up-cycled pillow that I finished last week is there.  And Sherry Porter made a fabulous bag ... Just beautifully done! 

I am really excited to have Sherry's skillful sewing projects in the Summer Kitchen.  Look at her fabric choices! Bright, pretty ... and fun!!!

These are sandwich/snack bags.  They are washable and fantastic!  We have been using the cloth sandwich bags for several years now.  I toss ours in to the washer and hang to dry.  They literally pay for themselves in about 4 months.  If you pack your lunch ..... you need these!!!  They are perfect for sandwiches, cookies, veggies .......... almost anything!  Make-up, stitch markers, crochet hooks.  Yea ... you will find a use for them!

And let's talk green!  No plastic bags to just toss away!!!

Another fabulous farmer at Miss Eff's is Cassie Moon from Farm Genevieve.  Fiber artist extraordinaire!  Someone.  Anyone.  Please buy that fabulous magenta colored yarn!!  Otherwise it is going in my stash and Honey said .... no more stash!!!  Save me from myself!!!!!

Aren't these coaster wonderful!!!!

OK .... this is not the thing to show to help me control my spending! 

I love, love, love fiber arts.  And hooking ... rug hooking.... is something I have wanted to learn for years.  Cassie is bringing some of her hooked creations to the farm.  If I sell them ... she will bring more.  These are coasters ... backed with a great plaid fabric.  

Thank God, they don't have a chicken on them!!!! (hint)

Speaking of chickens............. 

My dear friend Darcy from Full Circle Soap is creating a special line of soap for the Summer Kitchen. (I promise won't smell of wet feathers.... although, that's a thought!) Until everything falls into place ........ we have a small selection of her soaps.  Including the ever popular Sweet Mother Earth scent!  For a remembrance of the QCA.... pick up a bar of Darcy's soap and one of our hand-knitted pima cotton facecloths or bath mitts and you have an instant gift!!!

The Summer Kitchen is open today from 9 to 3.  I have been told ... more fabulous, local, hand-made treasures will be arriving in the next few days.  Until then .... there are also some fresh eggs.  And these...........

NUT ROLLS!!!!!!  
That's all today from the Summer Kitchen.  Hurry ..... those may go fast!!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gotta get my knit on!

Have I said .... I like KIP-ing???? (Knitting in Public for the fibery-challenged)

Sometimes, the peaceful clinking of the knitting needles is nice.  Just you, some yarn and a dropped stitch or two.

Yea ... its nice.  Peaceful. But definitely not a Miss Eff moment!!!!

Susan with an awesome striped sweater made of Noro and Cascade.  Plus she is wearing a sweater she completed since the Convent Weekend!

Give me the laughter, the show-and-tell, and a great cup of coffee!!! And twenty plus women knitting, spinning and that silly one-needle act --crocheting. (Seriously, what do you do with the other hand???)

Welcome to the Eldridge Knitting Nook!!!!!

Tammy is new to the area.  I met her last week.  She is AWESOME!!!  She is the latest peep in a long list of knitting peeps!  And she lives over the hill.  I could see her house from here... if I had x-ray vision and could see through dirt.

Well, Tammy tried several knitting groups in the area and didn't find a good fit.  And there are good ones.  But "fit" is important.  There are several places I like to knit ... but they are almost an hour away and convenience is important to me.

Laura and her paper doll sweater that she finished at the Convent Weekend.

Some places won't let you eat or drink in their knitting groups. Personally, if I want to get a jelly donut on my hand-spun alpaca, that's my business.  And if I am doing a lace pattern .... I need the caffeine to stay alert!!  So the no food - no drink rule means Miss Eff is a no-show!

Pam ... knitting a scarf in the round.

And I like to laugh!! I like sympathy when I have to frog a piece.  And I like to see beautiful yarns and fabulous patterns.  And I like a gal that prints up patterns for chickens!!!!

(NO!!!!  I did not take the pattern!!  NO!!!! I will not be knitting it.  People in Donahue and Eldridge think Sheepie and I are crazy enough.  But I will happily allow any of my girls to be used as models! It does give a different spin to the term .. Chicks with Sticks.)

So on Wednesdays for the next few months.... you will find me at The Buzz in Eldridge, having a great time. 

I may have to change the flower farm  schedule!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In search of.......................

Remember the show, In  Search Of ........ with Leonard Nimoy??  A show about mysteries ... the unknown... the just plain weird.

I am looking for someone that is in search of a job at Miss Eff's. (That's where the just plain weird comes in!)

I am in search .......... an intern.  Or three.  Three would be perfect.

OK .... so here is what I am looking for.  All the basics are the same... each person would work 3 days a week ... 6 hours a day. 9 am to 3 pm.  No nights.  No weekends.  No pay.  But what a great educational opportunity for someone!  College credit is often available!

1)Someone with culinary interests........ Schedule would be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.  Responsibilities would be assisting and prepping for classes, learning the art of canning and jam making and some baking for events.  And yes, you will be weeding one day a week.

2) Someone with an interest in agriculture.  Schedule would be Wednesday - Friday.  You would be harvesting flowers, herbs and veggies.  Dead-heading, pruning and care of the gardens are your main focus.  You may be laying out new gardens, depending on availibility in the spring.  And yes, you too will be weeding one day a week.  You will have the best tan!!!!

3) Foo-foo personnel....Your job is to make the place look pretty!  Schedule would be Wednesday through Friday also.  Your focus would be signage, creative use materials, creating special areas for our friends and customers. Art background is an asset.  You may be doing some of the marketing. (I really like the marketing part!) Yes ... some duties will be mundane ... painting small buildings and building maintenance.  And yes, you too, will weed one day a week.

You will receive gas money ... and eggs, flowers and veggies from the farm. 

So now that I have made this sound oh-so appealing ..........................????

Anyone want to put their names in?????

Monday, February 14, 2011

Classes ... classes ... and more classes.............

I really have enjoyed doing the classes the last couple of years.

It is a lot of fun for me.  I have been able to quit my retail job.  I get the chance to meet new people. I can introduce them to the magic of cheese making or the taste of freshly-baked bread from their own kitchen or give them the sense of accomplishment from canning their own tomatoes.

So it has been a win-win for old Miss Eff.

I've got a lot of classes scheduled for the next couple of months while I am out and about.

But  it is time to do a class schedule for here at the farm.  Yikes!  And I need your help.

The bottom line is ............ I can't do all the classes.  They take preparation and that equals time.  But planting, weeding, Summer Kitchen projects, prepping for rental parties, decorating the garden .... and being perky Miss Eff... also takes time.

So ... I will do four classes this summer.  One will be a Mozzarella cheese making class on Monday Jun 6th.  Class size will be limited to 4 people.  Sign up will be on a first come, first served basis.  Receipt of your payment will ensure your enrollment ... cost $30.  I will demo cheese making and then you will make your own to take home.  Bring a 1 qt container.  Class begins at 1 pm.

On June 27th .. we will do a Jam class.  We will make three types of jam.... freezer jam, traditional jam with pectin and traditional jam without pectin.  Class size is limited to five people.  You will be taking jam home with you.  And cost is $35.  Class begins at 1 pm.

On July 18th .... there will be another Mozzarella cheese class. 1 pm -- $30

And on August 8th, we will do a canning basics class and making salsa...... Class size is limited to 6 people.  It will be hot!!!  We have no air conditioning.  Be prepared to sweat!!!! But you will be taking home a great salsa and the knowledge on how to start canning.  This class will start at 11 ... we will have a light lunch .... and continue through the afternoon.  Cost $40.

(That is all the cooking classes that will be done on the farm this summer. In the immortal words of Porky Pig....Th-th-that's all, Folks!!!!)

OK -- so here is where I need your help.  What else would you like to see as far as classes???  We want to have classes running almost every Monday.  We have some fabulous instructors .... Tammy McCay is willing to teach a free-form knitting class.  Linda Tuftee has offered to teach a container herb class... you need to take this and put it to use with the canning basics class!

The always delightful Julie Wall will be teaching art classes for adults and children...... painting flowers anyone?????  We think pressing flowers for cards and gifts .... Perfect memory to have from a day at Miss Eff's.

And its time to get the talented, fun and my dear friend, Cathy DeValk here to have "Flower Camp" .... an opportunity to pick flowers and learn arrangement techniques from the owner of St. Bridget's farm.

So help me out here. What would Miss Eff's be without a fiber class or two?? Got any ideas???

What other types of classes would you like to see?? Do you know a great teacher??? Let me know...............

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sew what is new................

I did get the curtains done for the master bedroom last month.  Unfortunately, the room is in a total state of disrepair as we have not been able to paint! 

Ahhh........ the joys of no heat upstairs!  It has been unusually cold for a very long time here in Iowa.  And to paint successfully, it really needs to be in the 50's in a room.  I only need a couple of days with an outside temperature in the high 30's -- low 40's.

Not so much! 

I'm lovin' the trim!

Even with a heater going at my feet .... it is currently 40 degrees in my office. 

And running electric heaters with paint fumes??  That is a recipe for disaster! 

Currently, I am not terribly happy with the paint color.  It is coming across a little too lemon-y..  Now -- I tested it on the wall.  I hung drapery samples up next to it.  We custom-matched it.  I debated.  I looked.  I tried every light known to man.  I was pleased.

And now I am not.

The trim has not been painted.  I'm really hoping that will help. Right now -- its a latte color.  I think it is actually Oakland Buff.......... it will be a creamy white.

The duvet cover has been a challenge for me.  I don't want to make a simple sack for the down comforter.  I want something with some dressmaker details.  I'm still struggling with that.  Then ........... I discovered that Hancock does a 15% off senior citizen discount on the first Wednesday of the month.  And the senior age ... 55!!

15% off ....... EVERYTHING!  Including sale prices.

Yea, baby!  Makes losing my mind, menopause and mammograms .... much more desirable.  Heck -- it beats 10 cent McDonald coffee!!!!

Unfortunately, the last "first Wednesday of the month" was during the blizzard of the century.   I must wait till March because I am mega-cheap.

So on to super cool Summer Kitchen news.  The Illinois AgriNews  is interviewing us for a story about the Summer Kitchen and the super awesome farm women that are selling their goods here.

Farm Genevieve yarn
I would love to have them wait until ......... say the walls are up!!!  Windows are in!!!

But ya take stuff like this when you can get it................

Like Cassie's yarn ................ yum!!!!!!!

Yea ... the Summer Kitchen will be open Friday from 9 to 3.  There are a few eggs.  Lots of pretty yarn  Some super cute sun catchers. Even some pastel colored scarves to brighten your wardrobe.  And Julie and I will be trying to make the Summer Kitchen bright, pretty and spring-like. 

Blizzard --2011

Cuz a week ago .... my world looked like this.

It might be a bit of a struggle!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to be Rich.

Do you remember this?

Well, I will be back at it on Saturday ......................

Share your heart and SHARE THE LOVE with The Freight House Farmers' Market and the North Scott Food Pantry to support an amazing food drive.  

On Saturday, February 12, 2011 from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm The Freight House Farmers'  Market located in the Freight House Building at 421 West River Drive in lovely downtown Davenport, Iowa.  Donations accepted will include cash donations, market purchases, or any shelf stable foods from all customers and vendors for the to SHARE THEIR LOVE.  This way the visitors of the North Scott Food Pantry that serves Northern Iowa and rural Scott County can have the delicious and nutritious food to eat through out the year!

If you have a heart, then you must share your love on the Saturday prior to Valentine's Day for this Annual Food Drive.  Donors can help in a variety of ways, including bringing in shelf stable grocery items, purchasing such items at market from their favorite vendors and donating, making cash donations, or by purchasing Freight House Farmers' Market Gift Certificates and donating them to the food pantry. Gift certificates make an excellent alternative to fresh foods because The Pantry can come in and shop for what they need, when they need it, nothing will go to waste. The gift certificates can be redeemed for rarely donated items such as meats, poultry, eggs, cheeses and many other food options that may warm someone in needs heart and provide sustenance during the long, harsh, winter season.  

The North Scott Food Pantry, located in Eldridge, Iowa is open every Friday from 9:30 am until Noon.

Food insecurity continues to be a major problem in Iowa.  I hate that term!!!  It is hunger.  Pure and simple, hunger.

According to Iowa State Extension, 40% of all infants born in Iowa receive WIC (Women Infant and Children) benefits.  One in nine families, don't have enough to eat.  And we have seen a 50% increase in the use of food pantries and soup kitchens in the last 7 years. 

Here ... in the heart of America,  in the bread basket of the world ............. we have 25% of our Iowa children on food stamps.  It makes me sick.

I delivered some groceries to the North Scott Food Pantry a couple of weeks ago ..... their shelves need help.  And you can do it.

But I titled this ....... How to be Rich.

In my journey to know Christ, I struggle daily with obedience.  I listen to the sermons about opening my heart and my checkbook and I say ............. But God, how do I explain that to the power company?  Who will pay for that gas in the car? 

Fortunately, God has helped me slowly learn the lesson.  When we give freely and openly, we are blessed with riches from above.

Nope -- I'm not driving a Lexus.  Yep -- I still live in this drafty old farmhouse.  And I know for certain, Honey is not going to "Rock my World" on Valentine's Day as the jewelry store would like.

We can not be called "comfortable". But we are so very blessed.  The love that surrounds us daily is worth more than all the gold in the world.

Miss Eff's is pledging to start the drive with a bag of groceries and $50 in cash.  Can you match that??

Will you???

Making money is the way you make a living and giving it away is the way you make a life.
                                                                                                                         Mark Batterson

Monday, February 7, 2011

Done! Done! Stick a Fork in me......................

I am done! 

I was going to post a picture of the adult beverages consumed in the making of this website.

However, since this blog and the farm are rated-PG (due to the language of the flower farmer!)  I will refrain from posting that!  And I am concerned that you might have my liver hauled away for chemical analysis. 

Could happen.

Working on a website is not easy for me.  I have NO idea what html stands for.  Nor do I care. But I also do not have $1000 or so to have someone do it for me ....... so I go where no sane 56-year-old woman would go.  Into the abyss of web land.

I mean, seriously ........... my cash register is a canning jar.  I'm a little old school!!!

Make your comments.  There are still some issues with the old page/new page merging.  If you delete your bookmark (if you have me bookmarked .... yea!!!  I'm rarely bookmarked!!) and enter .... Miss Effie's Flowers dot com in your browser, it should come up nice and clear.

If you have mean comments to make .... remember, that Miss Eff is the only snarky one on this page!! 

No -- I want honest comments and problems.  So comment away. (Honey .... will you look at them??  Cuz you know I will cry!!)

First of all ........... thank you's go out to sooooo many of you.  And I am really going to miss someone as I list their names but here we go!

For the customer reviews and comments....... thank you Lisa, Susan A, Sue M, Jen, Tina, Catherine, Carrie, Jayme, Susan W, Paula, Heather, and Nancy.

For photos .... thank you Sherri, Jane and Heather.  Heather, I use that picture constantly!! Seriously, the largest bouquet that has ever ever ever come out of the garden!  And Bridget, I LOVE that picture of Nina!

To Abby and Pam for the photos of the cheese-making class and the photo of Honey and me.

But most of all -- for all my wonderful wonderful customers that make the work on a website necessary.  If you didn't come to the farm .... I wouldn't need a website. 

I could hug you all right now!!!!

You and the master brewer at New Glarus Brewery.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow business.

Yesterday ... before the mega-storm of the century... we brought wood to the house and stacked it on the porch. We filled buckets of water.  We gave the chickens extra feed.  We bought extra cat food and filled the gas cans full.

Because, while yesterday ........ my lane looked like this...............

Today, my lane now looks like this.

Where did the fence go????????????

I was really worried this morning when I looked outside and saw this sight.  Honey assured me it was no big deal........... 

He could just climb the drift and get some wood. Yea.  We do need to take a little off the top.  Looks like a good time to do some pruning.
Tucked along the fence, behind the drift ........ is this.  The wood pile.  And why should I be so worried about getting into the wood pile??

Because here, in my living room under a north-facing window, next to the heat vent is .....................
At 1 PM.  And the furnace has been running as fast as those little squirrels can turn the fans!!!!
I'm a tough old bird.  I can live without air conditioning.  I can type (sort of) when my office registers 35 degrees.  I can preserve tomatoes, spin yarn, sew curtains and scoop poop.  But I'm drawing the line at ability to have snowball fights in my living room!
How many more days till spring????